Wolf Hunts

At C4 Ranch and Lodge, near White Bird, Idaho, our 5 day, 6 night, private land guided wolf hunts are conducted from August 31st through March 1st (subject to Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game’s seasons). These are truly smart animals and, in our experience, are among the most challenging North American game to hunt. Our state currently has a very generous limit of five wolves per hunter, subject to IDFG’s current bag limit, so you can truly make the most of your available hunting time.

To hunt wolves we will usually get up on a point and call until we see some action or move to another location. The trophy quality in North Central Idaho is excellent with a good amount of black and grey wolves seen annually. The best strategy for this type of hunt is to blend in to the environment, sit, glass and call, as patience is a necessary virtue with wolves. We can customize your wolf hunt by adding different animals, such as mountain lion or bear, so please ask for details of our combo hunts when you call.

After your game is harvested, your guides will skin and prepare the hides for your taxidermist.  If you don’t already have one for your wolf hunt, we can recommend several good taxidermists in the area.

Idaho has very liberal weapon regulations, however it’s strongly recommended that the proper caliber and ammo be used for wolf hunting in order to ensure minimal damage to the hide and an ethical one shot kill. Inside 200 yards a .223 or .30-30 would be a good choice. Many times your opportunity for a shot may be in the 200 to 400 yard range, so a .308 or even a 30/06 would be good option in this situation. Our guides can make other recommendations as well. Obviously, a good scope is a must.

In addition to bear hunts, C4 Ranch offers guided elk hunts, mule deer hunting, whitetail hunting, mountain lion and other big game, as well as small game such as quail, turkey and pheasant.

What to Expect

Included in the cost of the hunt is all lodging, meals, transportation including to and from the Lewiston or Grangeville airports, guide fees and trophy care. All hunts vary depending on experience, age and physical conditioning.

Hunting Gear List “What to Bring” (Click link to print)


Please note: Licenses, tags, taxes and tips are not included in the quoted prices.


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