Mule Deer Hunting

North Central Idaho offers some of the best mule deer hunting in the country and our hunting lodge offers some of the best guided hunts available. Idaho mule deer hunting season is normally in mid-October for rifles, with archery season typically from late August to late September. Average mature mule deer bucks can have racks that can range from 20 to 24 inches but many more mature bucks can be even larger.

Mule deer can sometimes be mistaken for Whitetail but there are key differences that you can easily notice, such as the color of their tails, the size of their ears and the shape of their antlers. Mule deer antlers are bifurcated, which means they grow in a forking pattern as opposed to branching off a single beam. Also, Mule Deer are larger than the other similar species, with adult bucks averaging a little over 200 lbs. More mature trophy bucks can get as large as 300 lbs.

Like with elk hunting, mule deer season is at its height during the “rut” in the fall when the males become more aggressive. This is also the best mule deer hunting season.

Idaho mule deer hunting with C4 Ranch and Lodge, located near White Bird next to the Salmon River, is an unforgettable experience. We have everything that you need for a great hunt. Come join us for the best mule deer hunting habitat Idaho has to offer. Our property starts in a basin and slopes up the mountain, which excellent for deer migration. We use tree stands and trail cameras to monitor and size up deer, giving you the advantage over deer movement. Archery and rifle hunts are available, and youth hunters are always welcome.

What to Expect

Included in the cost of the hunt is all lodging, meals, transportation including to and from the Lewiston or Grangeville airports, guide fees and trophy care. All hunts vary depending on experience, age and physical conditioning.

Hunting Gear List “What to Bring” (Click link to print)


Please note: Licenses, tags, taxes and tips are not included in the quoted prices.


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