Whitetail Hunting in Idaho

Whitetail deer have many variety and are common throughout North America. North Central Idaho offers you the chance to experience some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, where the lower foothills of the Clearwater Mountains and open grassy areas provide the ideal habitat for this popular species.

As with elk hunting and mule deer hunting, whitetail hunting season begins in mid-October during the “rut”, and a valid license and deer tag must be purchased from Idaho Fish & Game to be eligible.

The whitetail tend to have a more gray coloration in the winter and a tan or reddish appearance in the summer. Although they can look a lot like mule deer, the tail is larger and without the black tip. As the name implies, the tail is white and shows brightly when it’s raised up. The antlers also help identify the whitetail, with a single beam growing upwards with points coming of the main beam on either side. Bucks can range in weight from about 150 to as much as 300 pounds.

One of the best ways to enjoy whitetail hunting is by joining guided whitetail hunts that provide a complete package for enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their hunting experience. C4 Ranch and Lodge, located near White Bird, adjacent to the Salmon River, offers one of the best whitetail hunting opportunities in North Central Idaho. We have everything you need for an unforgettable hunting trip, including one of the best hunting and fishing lodges in the region.

Our property starts in a basin and slopes up the mountain, which is ideal for whitetail deer migration. We use tree stands and trail cameras to help monitor and size up the deer offering you the advantage for deer movement. We have everything you need for a memorable hunt. Come join us for the best whitetail hunting Idaho has to offer. Both archery and rifle hunts are available and we welcome young hunters as well.

For guided whitetail hunts or other hunts, such as elk, mule deer, bear and more, C4 Ranch and Lodge provide a complete experience with a commitment to your total satisfaction.

What to Expect

Included in the cost of the hunt is all lodging, meals, transportation including to and from the Lewiston or Grangeville airports, guide fees and trophy care. All hunts vary depending on experience, age and physical conditioning.

Hunting Gear List “What to Bring” (Click link to print)


Please note: Licenses, tags, taxes and tips are not included in the quoted prices.


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